Oily Vinyl

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There’s nothing like a slice of deep black oily vinyl on a brght blue mid summer day.

Melodica 21.06.10

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This episode it’s all about new shapes for electronica, very mellow techno, superstar remixes, superstars in Melodica land that is, and music we can all download for free, legally, of course. [setlist] The Gathering – In My System (Jef K Remix) Sidwho – Pay For Love (Azari & Iii Remix) Fourtet – Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix) Midland – Play The Game James Blake – Cmyk Plan B – Prayin’ (Breakage Remix) Ital Tek – Tails Blue Rose Code – Whitechapel Pantha Du Prince – Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix) Cryst Al Castles – Celestica Throwing Snow – Un Vingt Sandwell District – Silent Servant (Regis Edit) Martyn – Miniluv

Accept Cycles

20th June 2010 Comments Off on Accept Cycles

Out to Farringdon for the Nocturne, a criterion, a loop, a race round Smithfield for an hour and five laps, shaved legs pumping, hearts beating, wheels spinning, all the thrill of elite sport on the streets of London for free. What’s not to like? There’s a full-on, really fast pro men’s race, plus a women’s version and entertaining diversions like the gentlemens’ folding bike race, done Le Mans style with a run and unfold your bike start. There are the customary ox heart buns from St John and fine ale at Pure Groove. There is energy and excitement, a midsummer carnival of an atmosphere, like something really good is happening. And of course, as well as being really exciting these events also help to raise the profile of cycling in the capital and encourage more people to use the most efficient way of travelling in our town.

Playing catch-up

18th June 2010 Comments Off on Playing catch-up

In the street the paint says – nothing located. I presume it means that the writer has not found anything, rather than actually finding nothing, for real, for sure, like changing the world because everything is haze but still here. The deep night train sounds like music, choral, eerie, screeching breaks like screaming, wheels on tracks play a mournful melody. Up to the shops and back, round the park, inside the computer. Now I have two drives, one called music the other called machine. And the music is coming together, piece by piece, but still nothing located, like it says in the street, nothing solid, nothing finished, just names and scribbles and sketches, spidery hand on Moleskine, late night blurry eyes, hum and murmur from my new sleek silver best friend on the floor in the corner. So here they are (for the record) the new names that may or may not: NORTHERN SOUL, 1978, I LOVE U SO,GOLDENDUB, FREEDOM STREET, THE END OF THE WORLD / LAZY SUMMER, DIAMOND SOUL, OH MY DESIRE, ELTON BARRY, DO YOU DREAM, DISCO, BERLIN(ERIKA), AFROBEAT, PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS, MACAROON, GRACE BASS, CAPE CLEAR, COEUR DE LYON, SUCH A FEELING, MY BOOM BOOM BOOM, PIANO HOUSE, MR JONES, CASIO, EASY TIGER.

Melodica 14.06.10

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This week’s episode gets unashamedly deep and atmospheric exploring the dusty corners where experimental electronic music meets dance music. So there’s Fourtet remixed by Caribou; T Coy remixed by DJ Marky, R&B dubstep; urban dub; Norwegian prog disco and digital house. Oh yeah. [setlist] Fourtet – Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix) Nacho Lovers – Deeper Washed Out – Feel It All Around James Blake – Cmyk Ital Tek – Black And White T Coy – Carino (Dj Marky & S.P.Y. Remix) Cultural Ataches – Golden Light First Aid Kit – Sailor Song Janek Schaefer – Exposure Diskjokke – Reset And Begin Barry Brown -Love Is What The World Want Afrika Hitech- One Two Greg Paulus – Such A Shame