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Today. For a change. We left the city by train. And went to watch a version of the battle at Battle. There was a lot of shouting but no blood. Like we were all in a re-enactment of the last day of summer we strolled in t shirts and ignored the east wind. D and I had a shooting competition. This time it was a draw.

now that’s what I call a paint job

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This from She One at the White Canvas Project show. See, cars can be beautiful. But mostly only when they are taken apart and turned into art.

Coach A Seat 73A

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I love stations and trains. Arrivals and departures. Smooth running. Away. Free from trouble in a travel bubble. For the next two hours I know my place in the world. I am the passenger (as Iggy loves to say) in Coach A, Seat 73A. I have a right to be here. I know my place. I will keep still and quiet and read my book like a good quiet coach passenger should. And I will not think about the end of days. And I will not try to understand why even the cleverest economists do not understand, or perhaps choose not to understand, the economic situation. Because for the next two hours life is simple. I have a reservation. I bought a ticket. I have it in my pocket to show to the ticket inspector or, as he is now called, the Train Manager, though he does not manage the train, he looks at the tickets and makes announcements in clipped, strange, truncated words that nobody can understand. Pls b shr y tk all yr prsnl blngngs wt u wh u lv the tain. But at least we know where we are (somewhere between Didcot and Chippenham). There is no need to panic. There is no need to think about the end of day and the economic crisis that is supposed to be worse than the Great Depression, though it still feels OK, it still feels like people can cope, and buy the occasional beer or seventeen. Although there are no cloth-capped chavs wheeling wheelbarrows full of notes to the local Curry’s Digital to exchange for a flat screen LCD hi def TV, or even a loaf of bread. Though there is no great dust bowl swirling through the Potteries and the East Midlands. But I still don’t understand why quantitative easing doesn’t mean that everybody in the country gets an envelope sent to them stuffed with £1450 in £50 notes with a note saying – here you go – some cash to ease things. Use it or lose it. Love – the governor of the Bank of England. No, you know where you are on a train. Tkts Pls.

Melodica 10.10.11

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Chris Coco’s weekly radio broadcast. An eclectic selection of brilliant new music starting with house and moving on to electronica, downtempo, acoustic and all sorts of other styles loosely connected to dance and electronic music. Let tastemaker Chris Coco guide you through his selection of the week’s best new music. In this episode Coco takes the controls to soundtrack one of one of the last sunsets of the season at the legendary Cafe Mambo in Ibiza. [setlist] SUNSET 1 Double Hill – Everytime I Go – K7 2 Pillow Talk – Long Lost Friends – Life & Death 3 Nick Drake – Northern Sky – Island 4 Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven – Bella Union 5 Cultural Attaches – Golden Light – Cool D:Vision AFTER DARK 6 Poolside – Harvest Moon – Digital File 7 The Soul Renegades – Darlin’ – Instruments Of Rapture 8 Unknown – Stay Together – Digital File 9 J Kriv – Another Night (Social Disco Club Dub) – Tortured Soul 10 Dean Sunshine Smith – You’ll Never Know – Soulshare

NEW – Melodica Recordings website

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The Melodica Recordings website has arrived. ‘Like’ the Facebook page here.