Melodicablog 2 April 2012

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More stuff about the music and stories on this week’s Melodica. All the shows are archived on the Chris Coco page at Mixcloud. There’s a new Melodica chart on Juno Download: here. Follow Chris Coco on MixcloudTHAT FUZZY FEELING: ARTHUR’S LANDING – LUCKY CLOUD Arthur’s Landing are a band who play live versions of Arthur Russell songs, some of the members played on the originals. Many have that delicious mix of soft rock and disco that make for perfect Balearic biscuits. One particularly fine track is the b side of Your Motion Says, a forthcoming single on Chinatown Records. Mixmaster Morris pointed this one out to me and it is a rare beauty. The Brennan Green mix of Lucky Cloud. Link to Juno Records WALKING IN THE RAIN Now. Perhaps it is time to get into a big debate about giving away other people’s music. Here’s a perfect example. A good edit by Leftside Wobble of a classic tune by Grace Jones. Here we have the dilemma. I am glad that he has made the edit. I love having an excuse to play this classic tune, one of my favourites of forever, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s right that anyone should give away music that they didn’t make themselves. Maybe it’s too late to even talk about this, it’s happening all over Soundcloud, i have done it, even though I don’t think it’s right. Answers on a postcard please. SONGS WE PLAY – THE BEST OF FLUNK 2002-2012 Simple, classic chillout at it’s laidback, floaty best, including my favourite song of theirs, See Thru You and a remix of their great slo mo cover of New Order’s Blue Monday. Pure niceness. VOICES OF BLACK A great new single from the excellent Voices Of Black, my favourite version remixed by Tanner Ross. Love this. SOFTWAR Old school, new school house meets disco at it’s best on this new single from one of Melodica’s favourite labels, Future Classic Australia. Softwar are, apparently, two body builders from Sydney called Myles Du Chateau and Jeremy Lloyd.