How To Disappear Completely – Track by Track

22nd February 2016 Comments

Track by track: Portmerion Tide Flow It’s September. I’m at Portmerion. It’s the day after Festival No 6. I walk in the sun, on the peninsular, alone, and have this feeling that turns into a sort of dream poem that turns into a song. Strings are by Cheiko, we met in Japan at Yasushi’s store. She transformed an idea into a beautiful reality. Sea Of Green The flight to Osaka took so much longer than expected, we had to drive straight to the gig. Half way round the world, fitful sleep. Apparently it’s nearly dawn here, though to me it feels completely out of time. The booth is a tipi. I play house to the late nighters with their sunglasses and the early risers with their kids. When I get home I turn fragments of conversation about coffee recorded on my phone into something that has to be named after the festival, Sea Of Green. Dreaming Of Love I wanted to make something to play out in tents in fields that sounded like a dub and felt like love. Thee Internet I found a sound that was supposed to be a bunch of servers in California doing their thing, hosting traffic, a giant global dream factory in a warehouse in the desert. Sansa’s lyrics are a dream of some place. Whether it is real or virtual is open to debate. Spiritland Paul had an idea for a next level members’ club that was all about listening. Great music on the best sound system, played by people who know about that kind of thing. I was lucky enough to be invited to play some tunes, on vinyl of course, as his V1 pop up experimental version in Shoreditch. Afterwards I wanted to make something as clear and precise and beautiful as that night. In My Humble Opinion A day out in a new city that feels like a film. I wish I could write down every word you’re saying, it would make the most amazing script. It An Tells Ya It does. It really does. Leave No Trace Lol and I both played at the Big Chill a lot. We hadn’t seen each other for a few years, so when we met up at The Gowlett it seemed like a good idea to work on some ambient music together, as a way of maybe capturing the spirit of those times long passed. I had a tune that just wouldn’t let itself get finished. When Lol played the piano line everything feel into place. Funny how that happens sometimes.

How To Disappear Completely

15th February 2016 Comments

The new Chris Coco album How To Disappear Completely is released 4 March. Here are some useful links: Dreaming Of Love Preorders: iTunes Bandcamp: