Return To Good Karma

28th March 2017 Comments

Artist: Chris Coco Title: Return To Good Karma Label: Chris Coco Music Catalogue Number: CCM010 Release Date: 3 February 2017 Format: Digital Album Artwork by Fernando Hortiguela This album is inspired by time spent on the magical island of Bali. It’s a sort of spiritual journey of discovery, on the way to finding a better way of living. Good Karma is a real place, but it’s turned into somewhere imaginary in this combination of music and field recordings. The cover is a painting made on the island by Spanish artist Fernando Hortiguela. Here’s what Fernando says about the artwork: The way history, space and time aligns, often has surprising outcomes. It was only after I’ve made Bali the new base for my studio that i got the chance to collaborate with Chris in designing the cover for Return to Good Karma. As many others, we both were lured into ‘The island of the Gods’ as its often referred. The culture, traditions, inhabitants, scenery and energy of the place provides a fresh creative angle and a chance to reflect and recharge away from our fast moving life in London. Within the artwork of the album cover, I wanted to encompass some of the elements more revered by the local communities and some which become a perpetual backdrop of the everyday. Active volcanos, ancient temples, ever-growing rice fields, dramatic cliffs, the pondering diverse sea, exotic wildlife…al those elements wrapped up in a contemporary hand drawn ink illustration, that looks back aesthetically into traditional methods of representation and its Asian influences.