Film Music

4th May 2017 Comments

The Film Music EP series continues with Vol 5 featuring Ed Bernez on drums. We wanted to see how difficult or easy it was to make a ‘sountrack’ using mostly a drum kit. We didn’t know what was going to happen or where it was going to take us. The recording day was exciting, experimental in the extreme and we ended up with some things that we thought were pretty good, atmospheric and evocative of certain situations. On listening back we discovered that what we had sounded like exactly what it was – a drummer in a studio, it was beautifully recorded and full of energy but there wasn’t enough specific atmosphere. We started experimenting with drones and pads, taking cues from the harmonics present in the drum sounds. From there we soon found ourselves in the world of some sort of dystopian science fiction drama. Now I can imagine an escape from a nightmare city followed by an attempt to rebuild some sort of utopia on a new planet, perhaps ending with a return to home with a different outlook. I like the idea of taking the inspiration created by this music and turning it into something else. Maybe that’s the next step.