Lazy summer III

Chris Coco – Lazy Summer III compilation is out now on Cool D:Vision Italy.

Making mellow music is more about atmosphere than impact; what’s required is the audio equivalent of floating somewhere between wakefulness and dreams. Making a mellow compilation, that works in the apartment, on a drive, a run, a bike ride, or on the beach is a similar process. There has to be enough range and depth to keep things interesting, and a few surprises along the way, but it has to be a little spacey and drifting from start to finish. There has to be a flow, that magic, other world glue that just works, that makes everything feel just right.
So, here it is, my latest selection of the very best of the new music and a few choice classics, gently backed up to each other to make over an hour of flowing, lovely sounds. The best moments from a year of intense musical research, from making my weekly radio show, Melodica, from DJing in bars and clubs and on beaches, from processing untold hours worth of material to find the very best to share with you.
This is music you can play again and again because it’s just so damn great. Brilliant songs like The Phenomenal Handclap Band’s Baby and Jonathan Wilson’s epic Desert Raven will stay with you for years to come. Every track here is an absolute pearl, a pure musical gem, whether it’s a stone cold classic like John Barry’s theme to the movie Midnight Cowboy or One Sunday, a new piece of perfect sunset soundtrack from Finnish duo Orion and J Shore. Every track is filled with sunshine and love, from the enigmatic Hafidis Huld’s cover of the Velvet Underground’s Who Loves The Sun to the eccentric Seahawks’ quirky No More Raindrops.
I think Lazy Summer III is our most successful experiment in these summer dynamics yet. It’s the most Balearic and the most beautiful. It’s all here and it all makes sense in the sunshine.

Thanks to Paolo, Alvaro and everyone at Energy / Cool D:Vision for making this happen and thanks to all the artists for making the music.

Chris Coco

1 Pillow Talk – Long Lost Friends
2 Project Club – A Gypsy Trance
3 Miguel Migs – Close Your Eyes (Woolfy’s Mix)
4 Hafdis Huld – Who Loves The Sun
5 Dean Sunshine Smith – We Are African
6 CFCF – Cometrue
7 Noir / Haze – Around (Acoustic Version)
8 John Barry – Midnight Cowboy
9 Orion & J Shore – One Sunday
10 Seahawks – No More Raindrops
11 Nina Simone – Here Comes The Sun
12 The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby (Virgil Howe Mix)
13 White Elephant – Sir John
14 Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven