A good description…

This is what  DialogueInc.com  said about Coco Steel & Lovebomb – The Chillout Album:

Setting us down in a field of wild flowers, light fractals and winks of cheeky fun is the trio of Coco, Steel and Lovebomb, whose full length The Chillout Album recalls vintage KLF, sunsets in Ibiza and pints in a pub in London. Mixing field recordings with the warmth and glow of synth chords and surf guitar, the spirit of the yoga studio and the smoke of spliffs rolled beachside in Bali, the record is best digested as a whole—an immersive bath of sound handcrafted for sunsets, sunrises and the Balearic sense of everything and nothing that so bewitched us this summer.

Which sums it up rather nicely actually.