A short blog about letters

Over East on the 344. I found these in the market. Wood blocks from the age of letters. The age of print and ink and waiting by the window for a lover’s missive; please mister postman. What headlines have these been part of, what guilty, sticky secrets, what grand hopeful projects, what dark epoch defining events have these humble letters helped to announce to the world? aCtress Caught On the jOb? Canary wharf Open day? KiCk of dOOm? Or perhaps something more humble but still useful, like an information sheet about the price of COffee?
I bought them because I love the feel of these old things, they feel real, worn, used, useful, beautiful, special. I bought them because I like the typeface and they make up the letters of my artist name. I bought them to help me make my inky mark in this new year in the age of ones and zeros.