All smiles at Sosho

Another 6 1/2 hour set. Epic. It’s the new way. The new discipline. VFM & OMFG come as standard. There is no sign of people tiring of depression fatigue. It’s all systems go mad party even though or because it’s still deep under grey February.
I am so loving the Wolf + Lamb label and Moodymanc and Mathias Tanzmann, for the record, or the records, or the CDs, or whatever the format.

I am getting there with the muscle memory, after the move, new steps, new numbers, 344 is my new night best friend, and the city stretching out like sinews, like arteries, so dense, so immense, when you step outside your flow it reminds you, this place is so much bigger than any of us, this night is so long and so orange, this place is so much more than me or her or us or any of us or even all of us.

This city is a monster, a machine, a muscle, a body, a cortex, flashing synapses of movement and memory.
Still, all smiles before bedtime. I am pleased to say I am back to being a really good DJ. And that’s enough for today.