All This And Then Some

If we all agree that hedonism is about the pursuit of pleasure in whatever form it may take then we may not be surprised to find that the weekend world does not solely consist of debauched nights out on the tiles. There are moments of pleasure to be found in all sorts of activities. Tiny particles of bliss so precious they must be treasured and shared. Those top of the world moments can come at the most unexpected times. Though more than likely in basements or on cliff tops.
This morning I was going to call this entry all this and then nothing. Maybe because it was monday. Maybe because it was morning. Maybe because I was still half immersed in the nights dreams of humiliation and anxiety. But now with a few solitary late night delights – namely – something new on Clown And Sunset; a thick slice of Cooperative Somerset; a glass of English Rose – it doesn’t feel appropriate anymore. So here – the delights of the latest Disappearing Dining Club and a drizzly Seaford Head. Beauty rare and wondrous to behold. The fleeting joy of impermanence. The magic of moments.