Cameras ready prepare to flash…

The good news is that Polaroid, after nearly collapsing from too much digital pressure, are going to carry on manufacturing film and make new, stylish looking cameras to put it in. The bad news is that the figurehead for their revival is none other than Lady Gaga.

I guess the Polaroid execs think that Gaga is a bit ‘arty’ and will get them in with those all-important ‘young people’ that we hear so much about in the news.

The reality of pop culture is that Gaga, though very popular this month, will be nothing more than a slight embarrassment in a years time. She is the epitome of throwaway trash-pop and is, of course, shining and bright and wonderful because of that. But is she really an ‘artist’? Does she deserve the title of Polaroid’s ‘Creative Director’? Um, probably not.

Still, let’s be positive and hope that Polaroid’s renaissance will lead them down a slightly more subtle path to support some less well-funded ‘cultural ambassadors’ keeping the future-film-flame alive.