Film Music 2

28th October 2015 Comments

Film Music 2 is the latest in an ongoing series of EPs of ambient and filmic tracks. The common thread is the collaboration between Chris Coco and Lol Hammond. The guest on EP two is the stellar keyboard player Roger Eno, collaborator with brother Brian on the classic Apollo album. Find it in the Shop on this site.


22nd June 2015 Comments

Our Balearic album is now available in all good record stores on vinyl, CD and download. Huzzah!

Spotify Playlists

6th June 2015 Comments

I have started making some playlists on Spotify. If streaming is the future for music delivery then it’s good to be involved in however small a way in curation on that platform. There are three so far that I will update regularly. Balearic, Melodica Radio Show, and Nightbus: Late Night Electronica. They have these, not very inviting links: Though, of course, on Spotify you just look for the Chris Coco artist page and scroll down to Playlists. Enjoy.

Coming Soon…

24th April 2015 Comments Off on Coming Soon…

What’s happening?

13th April 2015 Comments Off on What’s happening?