Representation of the people

6th May 2010 Comments Off on Representation of the people ,

Just an ordinary day with so much resonance, so much uncertainty, so much at stake. Just an ordinary day. So, it’s turned out to be the election where everybody gets what they don’t want. The Tories can’t form a strong government because they have no majority; Labour can’t make a centre-left coalition because they don’t have enough seats; the Liberal Democrats can’t claim any kind of mandate for change or electoral reform because they didn’t get one. We don’t really want the Tories, even though we’ve got them for now, but their worst will be tempered by the other parties. They may all even have to talk to each other and decide how to drag the UK out of the debt crisis together. Oh, go Greens in Brighton Pavilion! First Green MP, That’s real change and hope for a brighter future.

The Holy Grail

5th May 2010 Comments Off on The Holy Grail ,

Circles and cycles today. Over the bridge to Brittania Row, where Pink Floyd recorded The Wall, to view the holy grail, of some sort anyhow, a vintage Neve desk that I just had to shoot. Two channels would do me but still, this is like a petrol head looking at a red Ferrari with plenty of extra horses of power and more dials and stuff. This is super-tech-beauty for music people. Then a trek up north to Rough Trade to track down a copy of the new Flying Lotus album. First I tried HMV at Fulham Broadway. I asked the dude with the dyed jet hair rearranging the AC/DC promotion. He told me, yes they had a copy in but somebody bought it and now they were sold out. And there was me thinking it was a big release. It shows how specialist and rarified our musical taste is. Still at RT it was a suitably big deal and I managed to have a suitably geeky conversation with the counter girl about it’s richness of sound and depth and quality. Just like a record shop should be then. And they just happened to be playing some Pink Floyd too, Flaming Lips’ re-version of Dark Side Of The Moon, so I bought that too, because it just seemed like the right thing to do. Circles and cycles. Wheels turning.

Pink Snow & Intense Sunlight

3rd May 2010 Comments Off on Pink Snow & Intense Sunlight ,

Election fever. Oil spill nightmares. Who takes blame? Who takes Battersea? Running home. Pink snow and intense sunlight. Through Rain. Has nothing changed? Inside.