Coco & Kupper collaboration

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In the spring of 2005, two pioneers or electronic music, Chris Coco and Eric Kupper, got together in a basement studio in London. Armed with a Roland Juno 106, a ProTools rig and a few other bits of gear, they created this truly timeless piece of music.
A shortened version of this epic gem was released back in 2005 on a U.K. compilation, but this is the first time it is seeing a “proper” single release, and is available for digital download…
Lush and layered with subtleties, this is a deep and sexy atmospheric soundscape that sounds like an Ibiza sunrise… The previously released edited version was praised and supported by numerous leading DJs worldwide. Now for the first time, the original journey is available, just in time for some warm weather enjoyment.
Produced by Chris Coco and Eric Kupper
Written by Chris Coco (Copyright Control) & Eric Kupper {Squalene Music/Fat Fox Music (ASCAP)}
Recorded and mixed at Fat Fox Studios (London) and Hysteria Recording (Weston, CT, USA)
Keyboards and guitar by Eric Kupper