Cork City Airport, or, how was that for you?

At this level you have to take your chances, because they are few and far between, or you’ll get punished, Gary.
I think we’ve been watching so much football punditry that the language is rubbing off on me.

It’s unbelievable, of you don’t have the confidence to take it all the way, if you’re not as solid in defence as you are ruthless in attack…

There I go again.

But it’s no surprise that I am a little zoned out, Gary. We’ve worked on five tracks in four days, watched as many matches, run the immaculate loop and talked about just about everything.

Now I’m on the way back to town, soul lagging behind, still somewhere just outside Leap. Mind strangely empty, in neutral.

Half time, that’s what it’s like. It’s started but it’s not over, but nothing’s happening. There’s a long way to go Gary, both physically and metaphorically.

Let’s just hope the lads are up to the challenge.