Cork City Bus Station

He was an oblivion seeker, a lotus eater. Courtney’s description of Kurt in today’s paper. Kurt could never survive because, as De Botton so beautifully put it, we know life to be a hurricane.

You can’t hide or sit still, there is no peaceful eye to this particular storm. All you can do is go with the wind, whatever it brings it brings, until the end. No, not the end, your end, your own personal tailored finality.

Maybe it will be like this, eternity, waiting for the bus to afterlife or oblivion, depending on your belief, still not sure, but almost certain, that no matter which destination you buy a ticket for you will end up in the same place.

Today I am heading fo Skibereen, for more music making with the maestro. Because, since the club burned down, it feels like a long way but the best way to go.