Dear Dear

Dear Dear,

And now I am back from Public, the performance, a few hours older and a little drunker. The words spider across the page. That’s how I can tell.

And I was… And it was… And everything is…

And it’s important to enjoy every moment, of being here, because it’s so short, since 1961, 1980, 2010, then so soon it will be over, finished, forever. The only thing that is forever, that eternity of nothing that is the end.

So, for now, I was Chris Coco. And it was a success. And everything is cool. And I played and people moved and the place was so dark it was unphotographable. And Poppke and Ferrer and Moeller and Starr sounded really good and helped me out like they are my friends though really they are just CDs.

And now I must sleep, and wait,and travel the long way home.
Till next time, my friend, till next time.