Depression Fatigue

I have been out in the city, playing and investigating, and I have come back, not just with a slight hangover, but also with an interesting observation. It seems there is a new devil may care attitude to nightlife in this grey new decade in our big old city. I think the reason is simple. Last year was a bit rubbish, well really rubbish actually, everyone was being careful, trying to be frugal, feeling worried. This year, by all accounts doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better. But. Instead of carrying on with this gloomy atmosphere, people have decided that they are fed up with being fed up., sick of being sick and just totally over being worried about everything, because too much worrying is wearing and doesn’t really get you anywhere.

Which means it’s time to party, properly, like we are as rich as we thought we were going to be in 2010, like the financial crisis never happened, like our nation’s not fighting stupid wars from a bunker made of debt, like there’s no tomorrow because, hey, there may not be. That’s depression fatigue, that’s 2010, we’ve cut back, slimmed down and tightened our belts, we’re lean, mean and ready for action.