Friday Nightlife

And out. Over East. Still on the bike while the weather holds (it’s calm and still tonight, half moon flash between tower blocks). Cutting across deep south to Tower Bridge and on to the Star, in the beating heart of Bethnal Green. This place always reminds me of New York and Berlin, those other cities of the night, but it’s so London we couldn’t be anywhere else.
Nikhil is here playing the best new house I have never heard; the man with the dog is at his place through the window, drinking and begging, crumpled novel and crushed roll up in one hand, dog lead chain in the other.
When my turn comes I continue with the rough house, dub house disco feeling, playing for us more than for the people, but our joy and enthusiasm spreads around the bar and soon there is dancing. I end with the currently customary Bam Bam and decide that I must make an edit, because it’s just too short and it loops up nicely on the CDJ.

Then it’s home via Brick Lane for salt beef bagel and tea. This is simple and plain but it’s certainly good living. But I’m thinking, is it ok to be still searching this late, or should I really have arrived already?
Oooh, too much mustard.