It’s a beautiful day because…

It’s a beautiful day because, at last, there is some reaction from real people to the coalitions plans to cut pretty much everything by 20%.
The streets around Westminster were filled today by students, bussed in from all over the country to protest at the cuts in help and hike in fees for students.
I arrived on my bike and got swept along in the banner-waving mass down Whitehall, past Parliament and Millbank.

It was all very well mannered and friendly and orderly and very middle class, as you would expect from a bunch of students, but the message was clear, don’t fuck with our future.

It was wonderful to see a new generation discovering their power, finding something to kick against, something to believe in, even if they are doing it in a slightly self-conscious, ironic C21 way.
I am sure this is just the beginning of a winter of discontent, fighting the so called inevitability of the savage slashing of public services.