Melodica (Bali sunset) 12.12.11

Welcome to a very special edition of Melodica. This episode is the soundtrack to a sunset in Bali. I am at Ku De Ta, a fantastic bar / restaurant / night club, right on the beach in Seminyak. The DJ booth is the central feature of a large open area with a most magnificent view of the sea, framed by palm trees.
There’s about an hour to go till dusk and we’re hoping for a full 100% orange drop into the ocean. There were showers this morning but now the sky is clear and the air is fresher but still extremely hot.
People are gathering one cushions on the grass, in the lounge beds by the beach, cocktails at the ready. A black sail pirate ship is floating out of the sun, a flying silhouette from somewhere in the past, I can’t quite tell if it’s very small or very big and very far away.
It’s all about the spinning away, the solar winds, the world spinning, and us, little dots and a little rock, flying through space.
Right, it’s time to get back on the decks and soundtrack that sun set. Here we go…


  1. 1 Gus Till – Light Rain
  2. 2 Nicolas Jaar – I Got A Woman
  3. 3 Deano – Lovin’ In The Sunshine
  4. 4 Herman Kelly & Life – A Refreshing Love
  5. 5 Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
  6. 6 Gregory Isaacs – Cool Down
  7. 7 Ozo – Anambra
  8. 8 Gabor Szabi – Mizrab
  9. 9 Brian Eno & John Cale – Spinning Away
  10. 10 Sepalcure – Outside
  11. 11 James Blake – Limit To Your Love
  12. 12 Orion & J Shore – One Sunday