Melodicablog 07.02.11

More stuff about the music and stories on this week’s Melodica – this week it’s all about bears (sort of).

In tune with the Melodica aesthetic, covering a broad range of exciting, inspiring, beautiful new music from electronica to house to experimental.

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That Fuzzy Feeling – Metronomy – She Wants – Because Music

This week’s tune of the week is the lovely new single from English, Frenchy sounding band Metronomy. It’s another intimate love song. I adore the way they sing about banal things like spreading papers on the bed and reading lights but make it all sound so romantic, important and intense.

Strings Wood and a Box of Air – Tribute to composer John Barry

This show I’m a couple of pieces by the soundtrack master John Barry who dies last week. Featured: James Bond Theme and Midnight Cowboy Theme.

B: 3 November 1933 D: 30 January 2011
“Barry was the master of encapsulating the spirit of an entire motion picture with the simplicity of a perfect theme,” – Richard Kraft, agent

Music for a Retro Future

Music for a Retro Future is a compilation of recordings of very early synthesizer music from pioneers Raymond Scott, Jean Jacques Perry and a bunch of geeky technicians. It’s on my mate Dave Henderson’s new label Other Sounds and It’s a fascinating listen.

The incidental links in this weeks show are from a track on the album called
The Sound And Music Of The RCA Electronic Music Synthesizer -The Synthesis Of Music, The Physical Characteristics Of Musical Sounds. In 1955 this was cutting edge and relatively small.


Steffi, electronic music producer from Berlin has new album of cool, deep music on Ost Gut Ton. The Album is called Yours and Mine and it has that drifty, dreamy retro-future sound pioneered by Mr Fingers in the late 80s. Perfect for late nights and lazy Sundays.