Melodicablog 13.12.10

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That Fuzzy Feeling: Lone – The Birds Don’t Fly This High
This beautiful slice of compressed pop sounds like a slice of summer, squashed and fed down a fibre optic into your laptop, twenty years of rave filtered through a rainbow or as Bleep put it , sun bleached euphoria. It’s from an excellent EP called Emerald Fantasy Tracks, out now on Magic Wire Records.

Magic Wire Records website.

This is a hippy house
Hiss Golden Messenger’s new album Bad Debt was recorded in this wooden house built in the 1970s by hippies in Pittsboro, South Carolina, south of the Haw river, in the depths of winter.
It’s about:donkeys, snakes, betrayal, redemption, scarecrows, wandering and love.
Hiss Blog.

Old tech fetishism
Tanlines are a band from Brooklyn. They have an album that rounds up their activity to date and features some cool remixes from Memory Tapes and others. They are on a few current trends including the one for old tech fetishism. The cover of the their limited edition hand numbered CD features the iconic but impractical Minidisc, Sony’s one time attempted replacement for the no less iconic cassette.

Hope from Laura B
Laura B has a new EP out, listen, look, buy etc here:

Rothko art.
Rothko are a band. Rothko was one of the greatest painters ever.