Melodicablog 14.02.11

More stuff about the music and stories on this week’s Melodica – this week it’s all about bears (sort of).

In tune with the Melodica aesthetic, covering a broad range of exciting, inspiring, beautiful new music from electronica to house to experimental.

Melodica chart on Juno Download: here.

That Fuzzy Feeling – Hercules & Love Affair – It’s Alright – Moshi Moshi

The final track on the new album Blue Songs. Their cover of Sterling Void’s late 80s house classic is slowed down and dramatised with ambient sound and a sad piano. Is this house music’s last hurrah? A nostalgic echo of times long gone?

New Melodica Jingles

Lo fi, glo pop band Deekie have made some new jingles for Melodica, using their voices and, um, a melodica. They are indie, laidback and very cool. Download their new EP here.

Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise

Nicolas Jaar is 20 years old. He’s still at college and he also makes some of the loveliest, most atmospheric music this side of James Blake. Space Is Only Noise is a collection of experiments and sketches, soundtrack moments. Fragments of new songs and found sound float around simple beats and understated melodies. Two tracks feature on this week’s show.

Back To Back Balearica

BTBB is a new, occasional feature, spinning two versions of a Balearic classic one after the other. This week Glen Campbell’s famous version of the amazing song Witchita Lineman is followed by Jose Feliciano’s Spanish guitar interpretation.

Helplessness Blues

Helplessness Blues is the new album from Fleet Foxes. Now, their last album was a little wet but crossed over into mainstream land. I saw them play the main stage at Glastonbury and fail to connect with the audience. But this new song from album number two is filled with promise, it sounds like Simon & Garfunkel having an existential crisis. What’s not to like?