Melodicablog 16 January 2012

More stuff about the music and stories on this week’s Melodica.

All the shows are archived on the Chris Coco page at Mixcloud.

There’s a new Melodica chart on Juno Download: here.


Dean Sunshine Smith lives up to his adopted name again on the latest in the Sunshine Reworks series. More old soul cuts get a Balearic dub polish and shine to make them sound like a warm afternoon on the beach. As Junodownload put it – “dancefloor friendly re-interpretations of soul cuts that don’t so much glisten as blind with their inherent summeryness. Dean releases on his own label, Soulshare. Sunglasses required.


Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound are the latest imprint to feel the love from Oslo based super producer Todd Terje. His latest EP, It’s The Arps features the throwaway Inspector Morse as well as the magnificent Swing Star. This 11 minute epic is split into two parts, the spacy, proggy part one and the more dancefloor friendly slo-mo-disco part two.


Rooted is the debut release from Belgian producer Tim Van de Meutter, also known as Locked Groove. It’s a long, meandering experiment in atmospheric house and techno music.


Floods is the new album from ambient artist James Murray. I don’t like cutting and pasting but in this case he describes the work so well, it’s good to let him explain:

On the flood plain where James Murray grew up, twin rivers rose each winter fed by rainfall from nearby Welsh mountains. Breaking their banks they swept over pastures and hedgerows, tore at the fabric of the land and isolated villages. In a makeshift studio on high ground,
“Floods” is a return to that landscape, an acknowledgment of its impact on James’ nature and a celebration of the destructive and regenerative power of the waters. It is also an attempt by the artist to reconcile with his own personal floods, those mental waters that rise to submerge the will, that can at times be opposed and must at others be allowed to overwhelm.

There. Now you know.