Melodicablog 17.01.11

More stuff about the music and stories on this week’s Melodica

In tune with the Melodica aesctetic, covering a broad range of exciting, inspiring, beautiful new music from electronica to house to experimental.

Melodica chart on Juno Download: here.

That Fuzzy Feeling – Bubble Club -The Goddess – International Feel

More mellow Balearic disco goodness from our favourite label from Uraguay. Coming out on March 7 on super fat 180g vinyl. Artwork is by Phantom.

Buddha Machine

On this week’s show I try to give a little audio demonstration of the Buddha Machine version three, Chan Fang. It plays a series of loops very slowly, creating a lovely sound for relaxing, meditation or massage. You really need to see these little beauties to appreciate their true lo-tech loveliness, so here’s a picture.

Buddha Machine website

Cool collaboration of the week

Big news is that two of Melodica’s favourite artists, Ducktails and Panda Bear have made a tune together. The result is as lo-fi and lovely as you would imagine. It’s an extra track from the new Ducktails album Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics.

Strings, Wood and a Box of Air – Time Machine

This week’s Strings, Wood and a Box of Air section of the show is extended and features old and new music in the guitar based world.
One of the featured tracks is from a highly recommended new album on the Honest Jon’s record label. It’s called Something is wrong and explains it’s contents with it’s subtitle – Vintage Recordings From East Africa 1952-57.

Another featured Time Machine track, from 1969, is Joe Sullivan’s UFO, a lovely slice of country soul that has been almost impossible to track down for years. The epic story of the re-release is here.

In My System

This week’s show finished with a great remix of one of the best club tunes of last year, The Gathering’s In My System. i-Cube have taken the original, amped up the atmosphere and created a lovely late-night dark basement gem.