Melodicablog 19 March 2012

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Follow Chris Coco on MixcloudTHAT FUZZY FEELING: AIRHEAD – WAIT

R&S continue to amaze and surprise us with this glorious slice of electro-acoustic cut-up trainer gaze. There’s a song in here that keeps peeping out but never completely reveals itself. It’s like the sound of your own brain thinking but not quite coming to any meaningful conclusion. It’s beautiful, strangely moving headphone music for now and the future.


Untitled from NICO JAAR on Vimeo.

The ever-innovative Nicolas Jaar is tackling the end of CDs with a new phyiscal device to play the new music on his label, Clown & Sunset. It’s called the Prism, it’s a square metal box that is presumably some sort of mp3 player, it cost $40 and it looks like this. Interesting.


While Jaar flies into the future Deekie are taking a trip into the past with their new Wandle EP. It’s available on a personalised run of cassettes, each featuring your own exclusive, one off, bespoke b side. You can’t get closer to an artist than that. Not unless they come round and play in your living room.
MelodicaRecordings are working with Deekie on a single release.


Jay Alanski aks A Reminiscent Drive has collaborated with Peace Lounge Records from Germany on a deluxe release of his classic 1997 album Mercy Street. It’s beautiful, simple chilled out electronic music for lazy days and late nights. This is one of the albums that inspired me to make chillout music. Well worth tracking down.