Notes from the night

Last night I played another long set at Sosho. Lounge, party, house, eclectic, it was all over the place. When I DJ I sometimes write notes to remind me of things to do or good ideas. Here are some bits from last night that don’t fit into the normal categories:
I am a DJ but I am not, as the popular song infers, what I play. i am no more what I play than a barman is the drinks that he serves, that the architect is the buildings she builds.
And I wonder, while I play, while I observe an increase in self-referencing and faux documentation with mobile phones and digital cameras. People posing in pictures to show how much fun they are having before they have actually had the fun. I wonder if I am not the most self referential, being the observer and documenting my thoughts on others lives.
Why am I always a part of the party but somehow apart? Why can I not fully engage and have the fun? Because I am a DJ but I am not what I play…