Revolution within tent

Just been down to New Change, E4. Looking for signs of change around St Paul’s, down there at the tent village in the heart of the city. I want to contribute, to take part, but I don’t know how, so for now I just shoot, then cycle home.
It’s funny, I normally enjoy being in a minority, but here the standout slogan is -we are the 99%, (where the other 1% are the people who have most of the money). It’s great to see people taking a stand instead of just taking pictures. I think the city hope this lot are more likely to be beaten by the weather than a police baton on the head. With winter coming they may be correct. But the people here, in the tents, are undoubtedly in the right. It is evidently time for our governments to make plans for the people, not their powerful pals who already have, literally, more money than they know what to do with.
This is about finding a new, fairer way of living, with less consuming and more community; less power play and more pure play; success without excess; enough instead of far too much. Simple really.