Music As A Foreign Language

Music As A Foreign Language is the next artist album from DJ/producer Chris Coco. It was made in London and Ibiza with a close knit group of collaborators. It’s deep, meditative, lush, thoughtful electronic music, probably best listened to at home, or on headphones. The main collaborators are audio and visual artist Yawa Ze, guitarist Nicolas Cornu (Nick & Samantha), singer Reese Robinson, singer Sebastian Lijla (Hush Forever), saxophonist Carlton Headley and drummer Kazuyo Kotani. Track by Track – This is how it begins, this is how it ends, this is how it happened, this is how it’s happening… 01 Chris Coco – Aurora The beginning and the end, a temple bell, a floating arpeggio and a distant choir. 02 Chris Coco – Your Dream A floating dream on a sweltering island, nowhere to hide from the heat, headphones chilling in the freezer. 03 Chris Coco – A Suitcase Full Of Stars A simple synth soundtrack and a story about the sun, the stars and the craggy old moon, told by a father to his daughter on the beach, in the summer. The piece evokes a melancholy nostalgia for a time that may never have existed. 04 Chris Coco – The Rainbow Keys An abstract beat inspired this track that sounds like summer in the city, somewhere in Europe. 05 Chris Coco – A Citizen Of Nowhere This is a dark, moody, synth instrumental recorded at audio and visual artist Yawa Ze’s studio in Ibiza. It’s Inspired by ex UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s unforgettable description of people with an international outlook. 06 Chris Coco – Into The Fire What do you do when the world is burning, it’s our fault and it feels like you are powerless? Write a song that could also be a love song?  07 Chris Coco – Repeater This one is about repetition and that strange feeling that you’ve done it all before. 08 Chris Coco – Music As A Foreign Language The title track is a long, meandering instrumental with a deep techno groove. 09 Chris Coco, Hush Forever – Seb’s Tiny Guitar The end and the beginning, a collaboration with Sebastian from Swedish band Hush Forever. This one builds layers of vocals and asks questions – who are we? Why are we here? It never ends, it just starts again.