The Holy Grail

Circles and cycles today. Over the bridge to Brittania Row, where Pink Floyd recorded The Wall, to view the holy grail, of some sort anyhow, a vintage Neve desk that I just had to shoot. Two channels would do me but still, this is like a petrol head looking at a red Ferrari with plenty of extra horses of power and more dials and stuff. This is super-tech-beauty for music people.

Then a trek up north to Rough Trade to track down a copy of the new Flying Lotus album. First I tried HMV at Fulham Broadway. I asked the dude with the dyed jet hair rearranging the AC/DC promotion. He told me, yes they had a copy in but somebody bought it and now they were sold out. And there was me thinking it was a big release. It shows how specialist and rarified our musical taste is.

Still at RT it was a suitably big deal and I managed to have a suitably geeky conversation with the counter girl about it’s richness of sound and depth and quality. Just like a record shop should be then. And they just happened to be playing some Pink Floyd too, Flaming Lips’ re-version of Dark Side Of The Moon, so I bought that too, because it just seemed like the right thing to do. Circles and cycles. Wheels turning.