The Sunset Backwards (Bali)

The power cuts as the last notes of One Sunday fades, as the sun drops below the waves, clear as day.

It’s going to be beautiful. My hands are shaking with the bass in Limit To Your Love. One more track and we’re down. ORion & J Shore – it’s beautiful and emotional.

Ah, Spinning Away. I love this song so much, it’s about the world spinning, the solar winds, and us, little dots of human, trying to make some sense of it all, some kind of spinning away. I close my eyes, inhale, capture in that little brain compartment marked – flash past my eyes when I die moments.

Burning, my arms are burning, not enough P20, no, burning, there’s smoke, ah, the light in the DJ booth is burning in it’s casing, better fetch Billy.

Black sail pirate shop floating out of the sun, so we can’t see it coming, a flying silhouette from somewhere in the past, can’t tell if it’s just very small or very big and very far away.

Gabor Szabi, Misrab, a classic from somewhere in the 60s haze, floating out across the ocean. I forgot to tell you in the last half hour you’re going to fry. As the sun gets lower there is no shade, sunnies on, full steam ahead.

Partly cloudy, but clear at the horizon. Game on.