Velo City

City Jet out of City for ADE and a hi tech lo fi experiment over the water in Velo City, Bike Town, Amsterdam.
I love the calm of this town. I love that cyclists rule the centre. I feel at home. On a bike you don’t stop. Pedestrians jump. Motorists slow. You go. All cities should be like this.
I am keeping my wits about me. Using not enough film and too much iPhone. Like I said, it’s hi tech lo fi, the way forward.
There are meetings, arranged and chance. There is the swapping of cards, CDs and ideas. There is the traditional lack of sleep, excess drinking and steely early morning hangovers, disco lights, misty dawns and bright-angled sunlight, burning retinas, twisting the steel band of headache.
There is hope in a changing world, and other pretty meaningless but generally uplifting slogans.
And there is cycling. Ah, cycling, in proper bike lanes, up and over the hump backed canal bridges, down beautiful, sunlit streets, as the leaves drop gracefully, in waves, into the murky water.