The doors of opportunity and Cross Bones Graveyard

Despite evidence to the contrary (see picture)

I think the doors of opportunity are still open.
I have to embrace new (see instagram picture)

and use the best of the old to make up for the new’s deficiencies.

So, by way of illustration, here is a picture from Bristol of the the more traditional way to work. As you can see it’s a bit difficult now. And a picture of Cross Bones Graveyard, an ancient place of rest for the prostitutes and the poor of The Borough, with a slice of Shard in the background to keep it contemporary.

What I mean is that I am trying to feel it not fight it (as Primal Scream once said, sort of), channel artistic energy to create good stuff, then worry about how that becomes work, if that becomes work, how that makes money. I know it’s not much of a business plan but it is, for better or worse, what I do.

So what I mean is, this is what I do with added new, and a bit of old. There, now it’s totally clear, isn’t it?